About Us

Phượt 3 Miền is a travel blog that I started in 2015. The articles are mostly compiled from my actual trips, with some additional content referenced from Google.

Everything started quite by chance when I was wandering on Facebook. A group invited me to join a trip to Ba Hòn Đầm in Kiên Giang, and my adventure began from there.

With my existing knowledge of websites, creating the blog was quite simple. And thus, Phượt 3 Miền was born. It is not just a place to share but also a source of additional income for me. Besides traveling and writing, I get to learn about different cultures, which is wonderful.

Phượt 3 Miền Travel Blog

As the name suggests, the blog shares my travel experiences and insights. It explores beautiful landscapes through firsthand experiences in various regions of Vietnam.

Since I am the sole developer, I hope anyone who shares a passion for travel will connect with me to share and enjoy together.

About Me (Main Writer):

My name is Trung Nguyễn.

Connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/king.sand.54

Birthday: October 20, 1990 – Don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday! 😊 – Born in Ho Chi Minh City but originally from the North, I have somewhat lost my roots.

Opportunity to Collaborate with Phượt 3 Miền

The goal of Phượt 3 Miền Travel Blog is to provide more travel information to readers. Alongside, useful and accurate travel content must be updated regularly.

After more than three years of operation, Phượt 3 Miền Travel Blog has received enthusiastic support from everyone, with over 4,000 daily visits and growing rapidly.

Currently, Phượt 3 Miền seeks to collaborate with tourism service providers and travel enthusiasts.

For Tourism Service Providers: Provide information about your services for Phượt 3 Miền to update on the blog, such as:

  • Motorbike and car rental services for readers to contact.
  • Tent rentals for travelers.
  • Introduction to hotels, guesthouses, homestays, etc.
  • Travel tours (I am currently developing and distributing tours completely for free).

Your services will be updated on the Phượt 3 Miền blog for FREE.

The articles are SEO-optimized and have keywords that rank high on Google, helping your services reach potential customers.

Additionally, if you want to advertise with banner ads, we offer the most optimized costs. This also helps Phượt 3 Miền maintain and develop its operations.

The process is very simple: just prepare the content in a Word file and send it to Phượt 3 Miền via email: phuot3mien@gmail.com

We will automatically update and send you the link for review.

For Travel Enthusiasts: If you frequently travel and want to share your exciting trips with everyone, send your content to Phượt 3 Miền.

I will edit the content to make it as appealing as possible, to introduce to readers along with your name under each article. Additionally, a small gift will be sent to you as a token of appreciation.

Join our group for shared travel experiences and exciting adventures.

For more information, contact:

Email: phuot3mien@gmail.com

Call: 093 2010 990

Looking forward to connecting with you all.

Thank You for Visiting

Thank you for visiting this page, which indicates your interest and willingness to help by donating. I will share with you all my thoughts.

If I can increase my income through this blog, I will accomplish the following three things:

  1. Donate to community organizations I am involved with.
    • Share Your Love Fund, with volunteer trips providing free medical treatment.


    If you want to join the trips, click on the page above. Share a little of your heart.

  2. Maintain and upgrade the blog to enhance your experience on Phượt 3 Miền.
  3. Fund new trips. From these trips, I will provide detailed and engaging reviews based on my journey.

You can also support me for free by:

  • Updating my blog daily, as I strive to provide new and useful information for you.
  • Clicking on ads if they suit your needs.
  • Liking and sharing my posts if you find them useful.

With six years of experience, I design websites on the WordPress platform. If you need any advice, contact me via Facebook or call directly for free consultation and very reasonable prices.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/king.sand.54

Call: 093 2010 990


The best way to support me is through direct donations via ATM.

You can support Phượt 3 Miền by sending money through the following banks:

  • Sacombank Account Number: 0602 1857 1193 Account Holder: NGUYEN VAN TRUNG Branch: Tan Binh
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  • Vietcombank Account Number: 0071 0010 60021 Account Holder: NGUYEN VAN TRUNG Branch: Tan Binh

Every time I receive money through direct donations, I will let you know exactly how the money will be used.

Thank you for your interest and support.