A Complete Guide to Valentine’s Day in Da Nang

Although it’s not busy like Saigon and not ancient like Hanoi, Da Nang is an ideal destination for your Valentine’s date. Let’s find out what we can do in this city on this special occasion!

Valentine’s Day, the biggest celebration day for couples, and Da Nang, the charming coastal city in Central Vietnam, have a thing or two in common. And I’m not talking about the charming heart sculptures along the romantic river that cuts through Da Nang. Renowned for being a top-notch getaway with countless beautiful beaches, delicious food, and excellent service, Da Nang is also the precise destination for couples on Valentine’s Day. Below I have compiled the best things to do on your special Valentine’s Day in this wonderful city, so enjoy!

Dining at the Best Restaurant in Town

Love is in the air, and in this case, it’s the aroma of scrumptious food! Get ready to experience the amazing flavors of Sky View – TOP restaurants in Da Nang, one of the best restaurants in town. The beauty of the majestic Han River in combination with the ancient architecture of France makes this restaurant an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. Not only does it serve its guests the most premium food but it also offers a classic, elegant, and sentimental atmosphere.

Guide to Valentine’s Day in Da Nang
Img: @Sky View Restaurent Da Nang

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day in SaiGon by delving into the flavors around the world, from the authentic local dishes such as spring roll, pho, and banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) to Western delicacies such as pumpkin soup, sauteed scallops, oven-roasted lamb rack, and steamed salmon fillet with lemon.

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Cruising on the Marvelous Han River

Let’s take dining to another level. For Valentine’s Day, cruise on the wonderful Han river! Imagine whispering in your sweetheart’s ear and enjoying a fantastic view from an elegant cruise, what more could you want? And one of the most credible cruises in Da Nang is Tau Rong Song Han. Delivering fascinating food, drinks, and sightseeing experiences from their boats, this is a once-in-Vietnam chance to show your partner that you care. You will have a perfect Valentine’s night here, I promise.

Cruising on the Marvelous Han River
For Valentine’s Day, let’s cruise on the wonderful Han river!

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Reimagine Your First Date at a Romantic Cafe

For those who love a cozy ambiance, charming decoration, and intimate places, hanging out at a cafe on Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to rekindle your affection. The most magical part is when the noise dissipates and the music floats through the nostalgic atmosphere, your hands will inevitably hold your partner’s as you share unforgettable moments. Having a good time at a cafe is also a great way to ease daily stresses, find out more about your lover, and even reminisce about your beautiful memories. I believe this will bring you back to your first date. Maybe a little excitement is in the air!

Le Paris Tea Room
Img: Le Paris Tea Room

Hanging out at a cafe on Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to rekindle your affection.

Below is some information about the most beautiful and romantic cafes in Da Nang:

Le Paris Tea Room

Danang Souvenirs And Cafe

Cloud Garden

Papa Container

Do you want more cafes? We have them covered: Best Cafes in Da Nang

Admiring the City from a Sky Bar

Do you want your date to be wild, dynamic, and mind-blowing? Get your darling to one of the highest places in the city and cheer him or her up with some good music and a cocktail!

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SkyBar 36, conveniently located atop Novotel Danang, is a stylish and luxurious choice for young couples. Especially at night, when the whole city is lit up, it will be a great memory for your date.

SkyBar 36 Restaurent
Get your darling to one of the highest places in the city!

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Have a Night in Hoi An Ancient Town

I can firmly say that out of all the beautiful destinations in Vietnam, Hoi An is the best place for lovers at night. Only around a 40-minute drive from Da Nang, this ancient town will treat you with enchanting lanterns, delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere. Your memories will be engraved in the future by walking the beautiful streets, relaxing on the local boats, or trying some local delicacies.

Hoi An

You’d better spend a full day in Hoi An in order to enjoy what it has to offer to the fullest. I know sometimes you want to be lazy, but please ignore that annoying habit with determination because the reward is even worthier! The sunrise on the beach here is obviously splendid, and I believe that spending this time on An Bang beach which was listed as one of the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by Tripadvisor, will be unforgettable. It is a great way to start a fantastic day, isn’t it?

See more: https://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/travel/152930/hoi-an-s-an-bang-beach-voted-one-of-25-most-beautiful-beaches-in-asia.html

An Bang beach

Do you feel hungry yet? Step away from Western restaurants, because the local delicacies are a thousand times fresher, cheaper, and tastier! Banh mi – the iconic Vietnamese baguette should be enjoyed first, and you can either choose “Banh Mi Phuong” at 2B Phan Chu Trinh Phuong or “Banh Mi Madame Khanh” at 135 Tran Cao Van Khanh to satisfy your morning hunger. With only 30,000 VND (1.4 USD) you will have a delectable baguette full of meat, vegetables, and delicious sauces. Just freely eat until you’re about to burst and don’t worry about being too full because the streets of Hoi An beckon your attention.

Banh Mi Phuong

Wandering around the old town streets, exploring narrow corners, and discovering the footprints of time in the old buildings are the most natural way to digest your delicious breakfast. Moreover, you will have good times learning about the life and culture of the locals in Hoi An. And remember this, never leave without checking the iconic Japanese Bridge, Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Ethnic Chinese Assembly Halls, and the old houses. These landmarks make this town unique and irresistible. And if you still have the energy to spare, why not begin exploring the city’s bustling shopping districts from tailor-made clothing to jewelry? You will find beauteous local products to gift your partner.

The night has come and Hoi An will don its most impressive cloak. Eat a small meal along the river, wander into a dimly lit bar with nice music, or simply retire just a little early.

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Google Maps location: Hoi An Ancient Town

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Stroll Along My Khe Beach

Once you visit My Khe beach in Da Nang, you will understand why Forbes magazine voted it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Isn’t it romantic when you can dive into the cool water, listen to the waves, and watch the sunset together? Not only that, the weather in Da Nang is a huge plus point. It’s bright, sunny, and perfectly cool when the night arrives.

My Khe beach
My Khe beach, the gift from Mother Nature.

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Google Maps location: My Khe beach

Watch Movies at the Cinemas

I still believe that watching a movie at the cinemas is still one of the best options for a couple date. Depending on your personal taste, you can either choose comedy, action, or even horror movies. And one of the best cinemas in Da Nang is CGV since they have many theaters, nice quality, reasonable price, and delectable popcorn.

Da Nang is CGV

Watching a movie at the cinemas is still one of the best options for a couple date

More information:

Google Maps location: CGV Da Nang

Boarding the One and Only Sun Wheel in Da Nang

Now that you have seen a movie, maybe you should live one too. Board the sun wheel to get a fantastic view of the city. From the top of the sun wheel, you can see the whole city lit up from below. Time seems to stop when there are only two of you sitting next to each other.

Sun Wheel da nang
Board the sun wheel to get a fantastic view of the city

Board the sun wheel to get a fantastic view of the city

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I hope this article sparks romantic inspiration and provides just a few suggestions for your Valentine’s date in Da Nang. To read more about traveling in this coastal city, please visit our Phuot3mien Travel Blog. Here are some recommended articles for you:

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