Best Accommodations in Quy Nhon According to Your Budget

Finding a place to settle down for a few days or maybe a week in Quy Nhon is not as difficult as you may think and there are a lot of choices all offering good value. And fear not, this article will help you find your finest rest after a day of savoring the endless beauty of Quy Nhon!

Best Accommodations in Quy Nhon According to Your Budget
What an amazing landscape!

Quy Nhon is an undiscovered gem of tourism in the central coastline of Vietnam that you should not miss. Everything is so untouched and wild that it should be a desired destination for everyone, and the waves of tourists have yet to come. Therefore, finding a place to settle down for a few days or maybe a week in Quy Nhon is not as difficult as you may think and there are a lot of choices all offering good value. And fear not, this article will help you find your finest rest after a day of savoring the endless beauty of Quy Nhon!

Staying in Quy Nhon in General

Despite the fact that Quy Nhon is not yet touristy, the city has been a must-do destination for holiday retreats. Unspoiled beaches, original landscapes, and low price services are the main factors that attract a lot of Vietnamese and Westerners to Quy Nhon if they happen to know about this beautiful city. Because of that, the accommodation industry of the city has been growing steadily and sustainably. There are just as many choices of resorts, hotels, and other small-to-medium lodging services for you to choose from, depending on your budget.

Best Accommodations in Quy Nhon According to Your Budget

Most of the resorts in Quy Nhon are located just a bit farther away from the city center, for the most private and fulfilling experience. They all have beautiful pristine beaches, well-preserved surroundings, marble swimming pools, spas, and even other luxurious needs like golf courses. And the room rates start just below 100 USD.

Hotels are mostly located in the very heart of the city, close to the Quy Nhon Beach. They are surrounded by many local restaurants, cafes, and shops for the most convenience. Internally, the hotels are well-furnished and should satisfy your expectations as you book. Pricing starts at only 15 USD. I paid just 10 USD per night for my four-day vacation in Quy Nhon in a local hotel.

Other lodgings such as hostels, homestays, and BnBs begin at 5 USD (bunk bed in a dorm) and range to around 100 USD (whole house), located everywhere. So it is rather a matter of choosing your favorite location and there should be a variety of lodging options there. Most of these stays are now available on AirBnB, just check their map of Quy Nhon and book away!

Since the area has yet to become touristy, travel agencies and tourist traps are scarce. The best way to spend your days in Quy Nhon is to do some homework and plan your vacation ahead. Check our recommendations here about what to see and do in Quy Nhon, and also here to learn about the cuisine that the city has to offer.

Getting around can be a bit tricky due to the lack of Uber and Grab, and there are just a few taxis around. It is recommended to ask your host or reception about renting bicycles or motorbikes or have them call a taxi for you. The traffic is heaven-like so you will get from place to place in no time!

Villas & Resorts

1/ AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa (from 150 USD)

This resort is truly a gem of luxury experiences in Quy Nhon. Ten kilometers to the south of the city, AVANI is a stylish retreat of your dreams, with private beaches, award-winning cuisine, and a heavenly spa. There are even more services and experiences: have a picnic on a nearby island, chill under the palm trees with your favorite drink, and snorkel in the ocean.

AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa
Source: AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa

Location: Bai Dai Area, Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City

2/ Aurora Villas & Resort (from 135 USD)

A bit closer to the city, just six kilometers to the south, you will find Aurora Villas & Resort hidden behind a lush greenery. This resort offers the tranquil experience you need for a desired getaway. You can enjoy a lovely meal at the on-site restaurant, which also features a kid’s club. What makes this place stand out is the number of convenient services provided by your villa.

Aurora Villas & Resort

A big cable TV, sweeping views of the sea and the mountains from your balcony, a tea and coffee machine, and a 24/7 butler service are all provided. Boasting a private beach area, the resort also offers water sports facilities and free bicycles/motorbikes as well.

Location: Km 15, QL1D National Road, Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City

3/ Crown Retreat Quy Nhon Resort (from 115 USD)

Crown Retreat is no less than 30 minutes away from the city. The resort is located at the beautiful and pristine beach of Trung Luong, away from the crowd, purely for relaxation holidays. There are up to 50 luxurious designed bungalows, with the main theme being the natural elements of the central coastline of Vietnam: warm sunshine and breezy sea gusts. Moreover, Crown Retreat is conveniently situated close to many points-of-interest away from the city.

Crown Retreat Quy Nhon Resort

Location: Trung Luong Highway, Cat Tien Ward, Phu Cat District, Quy Nhon

4/ FLC Beach & Golf Resort Quy Nhon (from 75 USD)

FLC Beach & Golf Resort Quy Nhon is a self-contained, all-in-one vacation complex that will keep you busy for days without leaving: all kinds of restaurants and bars, pubs, golf courses, recreation activities on the beach and in the ocean, convention center, and even a Safari park! “Where every moment creates inspiration” – FLC complex is committed to providing all the modern conveniences that you would expect and even more. Similar to the resorts mentioned above, FLC is located also away from the city center, near to Nhon Ly fishing village – 17 kilometers to the north of Quy Nhon.

Best Accommodations in Quy Nhon According to Your Budget

Location: Zone 4, Nhon Ly – Cat Tien beach, Nhon Ly District, Quy Nhon City

Standard Beach-Side Hotels

1/ Seagull Hotel (from 75 USD)

Located right in the heart of Quy Nhon, alongside the beach, with a terrace and views of the ocean, Seagull Hotel has always been one of the top accommodations in Quy Nhon. The reception is helpfully active 24 hours a day and they also provide a car rental service.

The integrated restaurant is also really good and offers to dine on the beach, with reasonable pricing. Overall, it is literally an oasis right in the city.

Seagull Hotel

Location: 489 An Duong Vuong St., Quy Nhon City

Website: Seagull Hotel



2/ Muong Thanh Quy Nhon Hotel (from 40 USD)

If you do know already, Muong Thanh is a rapidly growing hotel chain of Vietnam, thriving in expansion all over Asia. Therefore, their standards are good and the pricing is very competitive compared to the international chains out there. Yet, they are still in the field of medium budget hotels rather than providing luxurious experiences.

Mường Thanh Quy Nhơn
Photo: Muong Thanh Quy Nhon Hotel

So, what you get is truly what you pay for, and sometimes, you get even more! Apart from the basic accommodation with decent meals provided, they also have a swimming pool, a tennis court, saunas, and spas. The only downside is that it takes a while to walk to the beach.

4/ Hoang Yen Hotel (from 20 USD)

Hoang Yen Hotel is a reliable budget option for your seaside accommodation in Quy Nhon. It is located right in the center, on the An Duong Vuong avenue, towards the beach and facing the central shopping center. Everything is pretty basic and satisfactory, with some extra tidbits such as a swimming pool, a sunbathing terrace, and a nice garden-view café.

Location: 05 An Duong Vuong St., Quy Nhon


Other Lodging Options

1/ Haven Guesthouse (from 10 USD)

This is truly an unspoiled, hidden, and heavenly place if you seek a social accommodation in Quy Nhon. Everybody is lovely and very attentive to your needs. Haven Guesthouse’s location is not the best if you want to be close to the city. But for a private beach, friendly local hosts, and jolly travelers with fresh amazing food, here you go!

Haven Vietnam

Location: Haven Guesthouse, Bai Xep, Quy Nhon City

Link Booking:



2/ Life’s a Beach (from 13 USD)

Life’s a Beach is just another accommodation out of town and out-of-this-world awesome. A cozy place with a beach right at your doorstep, Life’s a Beach is a social place in which you can have a fantastic time singing karaoke with people from all over the world and a BBQ party at night.

Life's a Beach Quy Nhon

It is literally the only bar in the village so expect to join the fun with friendly locals!

Location: To 2, Khu Vuc 1, Bai Xep, Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City




3/ Vespa House Quy Nhon (from 24 USD)

Vespa House is an apartment in the center of the city with super nice views, owned by the Superhost Kim on Airbnb. The host and her family are very friendly and helpful, all the facilities are for your comfort. The apartment is on the 14th floor, clean, and quiet with a spacious kitchen and dining room.

Location: Quy Nhon City center, exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

Website: Vespa House

4/ Santorino Coffee & Tea Homestay (from 12 USD)

Santorino is by far my most favorite accommodation. This homestay has five bedrooms and a beautiful Santorini-style café on the ground floor with real Italian coffee, which is as rare as gold in a non-touristy city like Quy Nhon. There are a lot of shared spaces for socializing such as balconies and a grand rooftop for beers and chilling!

Location: Quy Nhon City center, non-tourist area, exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed. 

Website: Santorino Coffee & Tea Homestay

5/ John & Paul Hostel (from 10 USD)

Welcome to the band! This amazing crazy hostel is owned by a rock band and a bunch of talented people with the best burgers in town. This place is super clean and sociable, but you can also spend time on your own without feeling bothered. Nevertheless, the dorm is basic and clean and the live music is on all the time

Location: 63 Chuong Duong St., Quy Nhon City


Quy Nhon is such a wonderful city to discover, being the most local and peaceful beach city of Vietnam that lets you slow down, relax, and simply enjoy your life. Now that you know where to stay, the next step is to plan where to visit and what to try in the city. Here is an in-depty guide to help you out: A Complete Guide to Quy Nhon

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