Cafes for Digital Nomads in Da Nang

Famously known as the most liveable city of Vietnam, Danang will cater to every one of your needs. Especially for nomads and creative content creators, this paradise will offer you a whole range of inspiring cafés boasting private, peaceful working spaces and beautiful sceneries.

When looking for a space to work, either writing, designing or having a business meeting in Danang, any chain café like Starbucks or The Coffee House or a nearby local café will be sufficient enough. But to be honest, anything that exceeds the basic needs for a working space (such as fast wifi and quiet atmosphere) will greatly boost your working performance.

This can be the delicious aroma of coffee harmonized with the fragrance of wood interiors, the artistic background, relaxing music, and even the beautiful sceneries of Han River just out the window.

In this article, I have gone the extra mile, moving away from my expertise writing about night venues and onto some caffeinated spaces in Da Nang which are more suitable for working. But of course, you can also work on something in a nice and quiet bar, so please check out this article about great places for drinks in Danang and expand your options. Alright then? Let’s get some coffee!

Six on Six Cafe – A Hidden Working Paradise

Six on Six Cafe is secretly located in an alley on Che Lan Vien street, near the east coast of Danang. Just after walking through the gate, a fresh breeze from the green garden welcomes you in, encouraging you to leave behind the busy atmosphere from the street. There are plenty of seats outside and inside, so take a bit of time and choose a place that works the best for you.

Six on Six has a wide selection of coffee, from the strong and basic espresso to the iconic drip Vietnamese coffee, and even some special options like cold brew, pour over, and aeropress. All the drinks are prepared by the hands of experienced baristas, 100% from the organic Arabica beans from Da Lat. The pristine beautiful tastes of the coffee beans are thoroughly extracted and enhanced via different methods. These drinks surely satisfy the most demanding coffee drinkers.

Since you will be working for up to a full day in the cafe, convenience is also a decisive factor. Apart from a whole range of coffee to keep your mind awake and focused, Six on Six also offers a big menu of healthy dishes and fruit smoothies for an energized body. So you don’t have to cease your creativity flow and find a place to refill your belly! I highly recommend the falafel wrap.


  • Address: K14/11 Luu Quang Thuan, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang
  • Hours: 7 AM – 5 PM (opens at 8AM on weekends)
  • Prices: 40,000 VND – 130,000 VND
  • Fanpage:

Soul Specialty Coffee Đa Nang

Those who have been working in Danang long enough maye be familiar with this unique café. Since five years ago, Soul Specialty Coffee has taken care of workers who deserve an isolated, silent working space for themselves, away from the hustle of the city life. This is just another peaceful place to lay back and get your job done.  While there aren’t any dishes for a full meal, the menu consists of 100 drinks, snacks, and desserts for a quick refill of your energy.

Using specialty coffee from Buon Me to coffee from famous farm areas in the world and quiet space. From there, you can find the best corner to setup your workstation. Just set up comfortably on one of the sofas in these metal boxes, enjoy Danang’s skyline and you will be done with your projects in no time.

People meet for small stories around from the busy barista, where delicious cups of coffee await guests to enjoy, or simply memorable moments like this with the taste buds, welcome new visitor to Soul


Danang Souvenirs & Café – An Inspiring Working Space

Working in a souvenir shop sounds a bit counterproductive, you might say. All the pretty distractions can ruin your focus on your office work. But if you are a designer or an artist, this place surely quenches your thirst for inspiration.

Imagine being surrounded by contemporary-style interiors and endless creations of local art, would that be enough for you to feel creative? Not just that, the spacious and peaceful atmosphere of Danang Souvenirs & Café is completed with a touch of greenery in the center – a blooming starfruit tree next to a radiant bouquet of bougainvillea flowers. Adding to the experience, the café overlooks Bach Dang street, which is the most beautiful street of the city, with a harbour and a view to the many eye-catching bridges.

Da Nang Souvenirs

The menu is also pretty impressive with many pages and many options, from traditional coffee drinks to international cocktails and homemade cakes. There aren’t many unusual or creative food and drinks, but hey, the sheer number of choices is enough to impress you!


Gozar Coffee

Gozar may not be the most popular name when you are looking for a good coffee shop in Danang because it caters to a niché group of guests. Integrated into a spacious old villa in An Thuong ward, just a few hundred meters to the beach, Gozar is literally “the bazaar of digital nomads”. If you have just settled down in Danang, this is a must-go place if you want to expand your network. The wifi is superb, so making an online conference call is perfectly seamless.

Gozar coffee

The space is vast, both indoors and outdoors. While the indoor area looks basically like a living room with sofas and air conditioner, the garden will blast you away with a green and fresh atmosphere from hand-grown plants, flower beds, and even a fish pond. The drinks are also a big plus. They are just basic, nothing creative or trendy, but the quality is going to blow you away. Not to mention, this cafe has good home-cooked dishes that will keep you on your toes while working.


  • Address: 104 Hoang Ke Viem, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang
  • Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Prices: 30,000 VND – 75,000 VND
  • Fanpage: Gozar Coffee Facebook page

Last but not Least, for the Chain Coffee Lovers

Sometimes you just need a well-made fast coffee or drink, a well-designed space with an easily accessible location, and nothing too special. Without taking too much time to consider the best options, just pick a brand coffee house.

There are many well-known chain cafés in Da Nang, such as the Starbucks by the Han River, or the Highlands Indochina, but there is a high chance that these places are packed with people all the time. Fortunately enough, I have found the good locations that are best for work! They might become your favorite coffee houses for general purposes also.

The Coffee House – Pasteur Street

For a long time, The Coffee House has been one of the most chosen places for white collar workers and students to do their work or hang out, because of the brand’s signature drinks and warm atmosphere. Nick-named the “ Vietnamese Starbucks”, they have the best price-for-value, and their drinks are surprisingly good, especially the tea drinks. My favorite is the peach tea and the black tea macchiato.

The Coffee House Da Nang

And among their locations, The Coffee House on Pasteur street is most ideal for doing work. The shop is situated near a park and surrounded by office towers, so it is pretty discreet, hidden away from the crowds. Guests are also usually nearby office workers so the quiet is maintained throughout the day. If you like to sit high up in a peaceful place, watching the people and the streets while working, The Coffee House on Pasteur street is for you!


  • Address: 80 Pasteur, Hai Chau, Danang
  • Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:30 PM
  • Prices: 39,000 VND – 65,000 VND

Highlands Coffee – Nguyen Huu Tho Street

Highlands Coffee is undoubtedly one of the top Vietnamese coffee chains, together with Trung Nguyen Coffee, having over 100 franchises all over Vietnam. It retains a special place in everybody’s mind when thinking of a place for doing business, hanging out, or just enjoying a peaceful time for yourself and a coffee.

Highlands Coffee Da Nang

For those reasons, many Highland shops are always full. Not this one though. As the latest addition to the chain in Danang and situated in the Ricco office building, Highlands Nguyen Huu Tho is uniquely built to cater to those who want to spend time working in a café. Only there, will you find the silence that no other Highlands in Danang can provide. So why not set up your station, get a signature Phin Sua Da, and work things out?


  • Address: 363 Nguyen Huu Tho, Cam Le, Danang
  • Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Prices: 29,000 VND – 50,000 VND

Are you sold on one of these coffee shops yet? Pull up this list and try a new one every week! And if you find another good option in your journey to find the perfect workspace, do not hesitate to comment below and help your fellow workers. Give these a read if you want to know more about coffee shops across Vietnam:

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