FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Phu Quoc

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Common Questions and Answers About Phu Quoc

Q: I am flying directly to Phu Quoc Island from Singapore or Siem Reap, do I need a Vietnam Visa?

A: No you do not.  Phu Quoc is classified as a special economic zone and you do not need a VISA if you are planning on staying on the island for less than 30 days.  If you plan on leaving the island and exploring the rest of Vietnam then you do need to obtain a Visa.

Q: How do I get a Vietnam Visa or extend my current Visa on Phu Quoc Island?

A: Currently there is no official government offices that processes Vietnam Visa’s for tourists on Phu Quoc Island.  All tourists Visa’s and extensions are handled by offices in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.  In order for you to obtain a new Visa or extend an existing Visa you must go through one of the many travel agents found on the island.  For a fee they will arrange this for you and the process takes about a week.

Q: What is the language spoken on Phu Quoc Island?

A: The official language is Vietnamese however most people in the tourist industry can speak English, Russian, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If you are planning on visiting some of the remote villages on the island such as Thom Village, Rach Vem Village, or Rach Tram Village, then only Vietnamese or Khmer are spoken here.  The best way to communicate with the people here would be using hand singles and/or by using one of the many translation smart phone apps.

Q: What is the currency that is used on the island?

A: The official current is the Vietnamese Dong (VND) and this is the currency that is used across the island.  Some hotels/resorts will also accept US dollars and Euros.

Q: Are there any ATM machines on the island where I can withdraw money or do I need to bring extra cash with me?

A: Yes there are many ATM’s found on the island that accept both local and foreign credit and debit cards.  You can find ATM’s at the Phu Quoc International Airport, An Thoi Town, Duong Dong Town, Long Beach Village, and Ham Ninh Village.

Q: Where can I exchange my money?

A: There are many banks in Duong Dong Town and An Thoi Town that will exchange your countries currency.  You can also withdraw Vietnamese Dong via an ATM machine found  throughout the island.

Q: I need to transfer money, is there a Western Union on the island?

A: Yes.  There is one Western Union office in Duong Dong Town and another one in An Thoi Town.

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Q: Is tipping common on the island?

A: Tipping is neither common nor expected at most places.  Most people who stay at one of the 5 star luxury hotels/resorts found on the island normally tip porters, waiters, and staff but it is mandatory.

Q: Can I do laundry on the island? What about dry cleaning?

A: Yes you can have your clothes laundered on the island.  Normally your hotel can arrange for this or you can go to Long Beach Village and drop your clothes off at the few laundry places found there.  The price to launder your clothes is between 20,000VND to 35,000VND per kilogram.  Some of the upscale hotels and resorts charge by the piece and not by weight.

Q: I want to rent a motorbike, am I legally allowed to drive one on the island.

A: As of 2014, Vietnamese law states that you need a valid Vietnamese driver’s license in order to ride a motorbike that is over 50cc’s and all the motorbikes for rent on the island are over 50cc’s.  However most police do not enforce this law.  If you are planning on renting a motorbike, please make sure you wear a helmet at all times, do not go over 40km/hr, and use your turn signals when turning.

Q: How safe is Phu Quoc Island?

A: Phu Quoc Island is a very safe place however like most foreign countries you should always secure your valuables at your hotels safe.

Q: Can I drink the tap water in Phu Quoc?

A: Even though the tap water comes from a clean lake (Duong Dong Lake) we do not recommend that drink the tap water.  Bottled water is widely available on the island.

Q: Can I shower and brush my teeth with the tap water?

A: Yes you can as long as you are healthy and do not have an pre-existing health conditions.

Q: Is the ocean calm and easy to get in and out without steep shelving?

A: It is very easy to enter and exit the ocean as the slope is very narrow.  For the most part the water is calm but during the wet season the ocean facing the west coast is more rough with a lot more waves.

Q: What’s the weather like on the island?

A: The weather depends on the season as Phu Quoc has a wet season and a dry season.  The average temperature is around 27C year round.

Q: I am staying at a resort on Phu Quoc that doesn’t have a swimming pool.  Can I use a swimming pool at another resort?

A: Yes you can you can use a swimming pool at another resort.  Some of the resorts have a day use fee and some will allow you to use their pool provided that you buy a drink from their restaurant.  The following resorts will allow the public to use their pool: Cassia Cottages, Eden Resort, Famiana Resort, and Saigon Phu Quoc Resort.

Q: Can you arrange a tour or book a hotel for me?

A: No we cannot and nor are we affiliated with any businesses found on Phu Quoc Island.  Our goal is to provide tourist with unbiased information about the island

Q: Is it easy to book fishing, snorkeling, and other sightseeing tours on the island?

A: Yes it is as every hotel can arrange a tour for you.  You can also book directly at one of the many tour agents found on the island.

Q: Can I bring Phu Quoc Fish Sauce back with me on my flight?

A: Yes. As of 2014 all the major airlines now allow you to bring fish sauce with you on your flight back however the sauce must be packed in a Styrofoam box and sealed with tape. If you place the fish sauce in your luggage, the airport scanners will detect the distinct bottle and remove it from your luggage. Packing the fish sauce in your carry-on luggage is strictly forbidden.

Q: Where can I rent a mountain bike on Phu Quoc Island?

A: You can rent a mountain bike at 5, 30 Thang 4 street in Duong Dong Town Tel: +84904380527

Q: Are there any cell phone or smartphone shops on Phu Quoc?

A: There are a few smartphone shops on Phu Quoc that sell and repair a variety of cell phones.  There is a Samsung shop located at the corner of Tran Hung Dao and 30 Thang 4 street, an Appo Shop on Nguyen Trung Truc Street, and a Giodiodong store also on Nguyen Trung Truc Street.

Q: Can I hire a wedding photographer on Phu Quoc Island?

A: Yes you can. Please contact Rosa Studio at 5, 30 Thang 2 Street in Duong Dong Town, Tel: 0773702567 or contact Phu Quoc Studio on 154, 30 Thang 4 Street in Duong Dong Town Tel: 0773 848 755

Q: Is there a veterinarian on Phu Quoc Island?

A: We recommend that you take your animal to one of the larger cities in Vietnam if it is possible.   If not, go here 112 Nguyen Trung Truc St on Phu Quoc.

Q: Can I get a Tattoo done on Phu Quoc Island?

A: Yes you can at Anh Quoc Hair Salon at 21 Nguyen Trai Street in Duong Dong Town.

Q: Is there a Yamaha or Honda Service Shop? I need to change the oil in my motorbike

A: Yes.  Both the Honda Service Center and Yamaha Service Center are located on Nguyen Trung Truc Street.  Oil changes cost roughly 100,000VND.  You can also purchase motorbikes here.

Q: Where can I get my camera fixed on Phu Quoc?

A: Across from the Dinh Cau temple on Bach Dang Street there is a photo shop called Pho Bien. They can fix your camera. You can reach them at tel: 0919165313

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