Guide to Shopping in Hoi An: Clothing, Jewelry, Art and more!

Hoi An is where your dream of living in a couture shopping paradise comes true. Not only does it have couture clothing, Hoi An also has a lot of little things that will remind you of Vietnam when you bring them home. Yes! Love at first sight does exist!

If you are a shopaholic who always starts your trip with an empty backpack and won’t go back home until you fill it up, Hoi An is where your dream of living in a couture shopping paradise comes true. Not only does it have couture clothing, Hoi An also has a lot of little things that will remind you of Vietnam when you bring them home. Yes! Love at first sight does exist! From well-made fashion items to customized lanterns, this article will give you some ideas about what you should buy and where to go in Faifo, A.K.A Hoi An ancient town.

Hoi An Ancient
Hoi An Ancient Town

I have traveled around Vietnam a couple times and I find myself always wanting to return to Hoi An. The special atmosphere in Hoi An is quite unique. It seems like time has forgotten the ancient town, and it forever resides in history. While the neighboring city of Da Nang has been urbanized and quickly turned into the most livable city in Vietnam, Hoi An still retains its original beauty from the past. Dressing up for a walk amongst the antique buildings and small streets makes me feel like I am playing a role in the famous movie The Lover.


When in Hoi An, I love waking up early in the morning, riding a bicycle to Cua Dai beach to sit on the sand and stare at the sunrise. It is also very nice to hide myself in a small coffee shop to write my stories or just simply watch people wandering. But another activity that I love is shopping for fashion.

Shopping for Fashion in Hoi An

If you are talking about the best tailoring cities in the world, it would be a mistake if Hoi An is not mentioned. In fact, couture tailoring is one of the factors that make Hoi An a must-visit destination on your Vietnam trip.

Sometimes I think Hoi An is the “weirdest” seaside town I have ever visited because it has more fashion shops than seafood restaurants and beach bars. It is said that about 20 years ago, some tailoring shops were established to make suits for Western visitors traveling to Faifo. The news of Hoi An making the best suits then spread like wildfire. Through time, more and more tailoring shops were opened to meet the high demand of consumers and tailoring businesses officially became a part of Hoi An’s many attractions.

Guide to Tailoring in Hoi An

Bespoke clothing made in Hoi An is preferred because of the sophisticated styles, the good quality of fabrics, and the quick service. Even if you only have a day in Hoi An, you can still have your stunning couture dress made in about 3 to 4 hours. The joy of this service lies in your own involvement in the customization process. From choosing the style (or designing it yourself,) to selecting the perfect materials, and finally having the skillful tailor take your measurements, you are involved in the entire process. Read more about the specifics of this process in our complete guide to tailoring in Hoi An!

Happy smile of guests at Be Be Tailor in Hoi An
BeBe Tailors

What should you have made in Hoi An besides suits? I would suggest you to take a look at elegant dresses, bridal dresses, and evening gowns. If your fashion icons are Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, or Kate Middleton and you have always wanted to dress like them– you are in luck because the tailoring shops in Hoi An are very good at making refined clothing to your liking. The traditional dress of Vietnam, ao dai, is also a good choice to buy here. I also recommend checking out customized shoes.

It is important that you find yourself a reputable tailor to make for yourself a perfect piece
Suit up

There are different pricing levels to make bespoke clothing. You will get what you pay for. But the average price is listed below: 

For men: (price unit: USD)

  • Suits: $50 – $300
  • Shirt: $15 – $20
  • Trousers: $20 – $30

For women

  • Ao dai: $35 – $100
  • Cocktail dress: $30 – $100
  • Wedding dress: From $180 
  • Shirts: $20 – $40 
  • Cutlottes/pants:  $20 – $30
  • Pencil skirts: $30 – $40 

Other items (Unit: USD)

  • Shoes: From $60
  • Leader bag: From $120
Bebe Shop Hoi An
Bebe Tailor

Best places for bespoke clothing

Bebe Tailor 1

Kimmy Tailor

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Yaly Couture

A Dong Silk

Adong Silk

Get your customized shoes here:

Linh Shoes Shop

  • Address: 16 Tran Phu, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam 
  • Phone: 0235 3861 975
  • Business hours: 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Tripadvisor: Linh Shoes Shop

Get your customized leather bag here:

The Friendly Leather Bag Shop

Friendly Leather Bags Hoi an

Tu-Chi Leather Bags

You can also go to Hoi An market to shop for fabric and have your clothing made for a cheaper price. But again, ‘you will get what you pay’. So make sure to spend some time wandering around to look for the best deal that meets your budget.

Ready-to-wear clothing

Hoi An also offers a lot of ready-to-wear items with cheap prices. Everywhere in Hoi An you will see many shops that sell the infamous ‘banana shirts’ and ‘watermelon shirts’ made of cotton fabric (which is suitable for the hot weather in Asia) for only 50,000 VND ($2) and alibaba trousers or cute cotton dress for only 100,000 VND ($5)!

Silk scarves and ties

Hoi An was once part of the legendary maritime silk road. Think about purchasing something made of silk for yourself or your family and friends back home. Silk scarves and ties are a great choice. The cocoon of the silkworm is harvested and turned into individual fibers before it is woven into fabric. Scarves and ties made of silk are extremely soft and lustrous.

Custom tie made in Hoi An

There are many shops that sell silk scarves and ties in Hoi An, look in the fabric shop or clothing stores in the ancient town. The price is reasonable. It’s around 150,000 VND ($7) for a scarf or tie.


One thing that I always purchase every single time I return to Hoi An is the well-made silver jewelry. The devotees of pandora charms are going to spend a lot of money on the jewelry shops in Hoi An. The gorgeous pieces of jewelry range from bracelets, to charms to rings and necklaces all with beautiful design. Most of these items are sold at a reasonable price.

Lotus jewelry in Hoi An

Best jewelry shop in Hoi An

Lotus jewelry

Namaka Jewelry

Duong Jewelry and Objects

  • Address: 130 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An Ward, Hoi An – (inside GAM Gemstones Art Museum)
  • Phone: 0235 3938 468
  • Business hours:9 AM – 10:30 PM 
  • Fanpage:

Apart from fashion items, Hoi An souvenirs are also a good Vietnamese present to bring back home.


When traveling to Hoi An, you will see a lot of colorful lanterns hanging from rafters and corners of buildings, they make the town feel warm and romantic. The lanterns are seen as a traditional craft of Hoi An, which the locals are very proud of. The lanterns are made of bamboo and silk fabric, available in different sizes and shapes. The locals believe that hanging a lantern in front of their home will bring happiness to their family. 

Lanterns In Hoi An

Pro Tip: The best time to buy a lantern is in the evening, when you can see how the color and fabric lights up.

Where to buy lanterns

You can find lanterns in the craft stores of Hoi An central market, Hoi An night market, and the ancient town.

Where to buy lanterns in Hoi An
Pretty colors

Lantern-making workshop:

Book your class here:

Painting and Photography

Paintings and photography in Hoi An are favored by many visitors. Most of the artwork consists of scenes of elegant Vietnamese women in ao dai and non la hats or Vietnam’s landscapes. Once you step into an art gallery, it’s really hard to stop yourself from getting a piece of art, painted by the talented local artisans.

art galery in hoi an
Shopping for art

Best art galleries in Hoi An

Couleurs d’Asie Gallery

  • Address: 7, Nguyen Hue, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Phone: 0235 3911 382
  • Business hours: 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Review: Tripadvisor

Hung Long Art Gallery

  • Address: 105 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Phone: 0235 3861 524
  • Business hours: 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Review: Tripadvisor

Art gallery Trung

  • Address: 29 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Business hours: 9 AM – 9 PM


Another lovely thing you shouldn’t miss in Hoi An is the notebook. I have to say that the cover of every notebook is a piece of art. You can find them sold in baskets by local women or in shops; don’t purchase the first lovely one you see, because there are sure to be more. I wonder is it the romantic atmosphere of Hoi An that adds even more value to these small trinkets and souvenirs? I always look upon them and smile, remembering my time in Hoi An. o one can leave Hoi An without purchasing anything, even if it’s a small notebook. From the water paintings of Vietnam to vintage inspiration, the unique notebooks are going to add a Vietnamese vibe to your big notebook collection at home and maybe you’ll even record a few memories.

Hay Hay Design Store

Fanpage: Hay Hay Design Store 

Lac Xoong Hoi An

Fanpage: Facebook Lac Xoong Hoi An

Hoi An shopping tips

  • Sometimes when you wander around the town, a local might jump out from nowhere claiming to take you to the best tailoring shop in town. It’s time to activate your scam detective mode. Since most people are payed on commision, it’s likely that they will take you to a very mediocre workshop.
  • Visa and Mastercards are accepted in most of the big shops in Hoi An but if you use a card, you will be charged an additional fee. However, if you wish to shop in small places or in the market, make sure to bring cash. ATM machines are available in Hoi An.
  • Don’t be shocked if you witness the sellers change their warm attitude into an unfriendly one when you just look and don’t buy anything.

You now have all my knowledge about my shopping experiences in Hoi An ancient town. I hope you found this article helpful. Don’t forget to check out our article on the best cafes in Hoi An here, so you can write in your new notebook while drinking some Vietnamese coffee.

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