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Pho Minh

The Best Pho in Saigon

Pho is symbolic of the culinary tradition of Vietnam. Its popularity has even resulted in its addition to the Oxford dictionary. Once you visit …

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The Coffee House q7

Cafes to Get Some Work Done, District 7

District 7 is a new residential quarter of Ho Chi Minh city, so the area is very tranquil, which is perfect for living and working. Many Vietnamese and foreigners, especially people coming from Korea, choose District 7 to stay and work.

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Vietnamese Rice Paper

Vietnamese Rice Paper Snacks

If you are a fan of Vietnamese food, you must have heard of rice paper! What is it made of? Why is it a popular ingredient in many Vietnamese dishes? Which are the most favorite rice paper snacks and where can I find them? Here are your answers!

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Man Tu Vegan

Going Vegetarian In Saigon

In a society that largely has Buddhist roots, it is easy to be a vegetarian in Saigon. “Do an chay” (vegetarian food) can be …

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