Review trekking “WellVooc” Cave (Follow tour)

Recently, I was given a ticket to visit “Vooc Well” Cave in Quang Binh. How can I miss this rare opportunity and accept immediately. I search it’s on google, omg beautiful place i want to come right now. I book the ticket to begin the trip to discovery with many excited…

This is the first time i have emotion liked this, have funny and vice versa,anyway it still happy. It make me excited really with the wild beauty, If you want to know, let’s read the article below

I will write detail all, how to go, where to eat, rest. In addition, I had note for you before the trip for you reference. Now let’s go.

Note: Cause the cave “Vooc Well” has still pristine, dangergous, So if you go into the cave by trekkiing, let remember be careful and prepair the clothes suitable to discover safe, the road is a bit difficult. There has a tourguide but they can’t take care of everything. Beside, you do not allow arbitrarily go separately, must have go with the tour. There has forest management, you should go with tour in order to avoid to be punish if you do wrong the regulation.

trekking hang giếng voọc
The best view i have seen on the way to playinh trekking “Vooc Well” Cave

What have in the cave “Vooc Well”?

It has just been exploited for tourism, so it is still wild. Must be called true adventure, while trekking to the cave is normal, but entering the Vooc well is really a different experience

The cave is formed for a long time ago, i heard the tour guide that there are lots of Vooc animal here, then the local people call is Vooc Well

The cave near the lake” Mooc”, the distance between the Cave to the Lake about  1km. The Well heigh about 0.7m, width 2.3 m. The cave has a length of over 400 m, in the cave there are streams and 4 lakes.

In the cave there are stalactites distributed mainly from the mouth of the cave to the location of the first lake. Stalactites are located on the sides of the cave, the ceiling and the cave floor.

The cave floor has a layer of accumulated mud. There are also gravel sand, jagged rock, Remember walking carefully beacause the rocks in the cave will make you hurt if you dont careful. It’s easy to be cut on hands and feet

Dangerous: Though you have a helmet, the stalactite still fell from the ceiling. Don’t be afraid to be be careful.

trekking hang giếng voọc
The way into the cave

Schedule trekking tour “Vooc Well” Cave

This trip was really lightning for me. Going like to way fly by night haha, because I was busy at work so I flew from Saigon to Dong Hoi on Saturday night. Trekking followed the “Vooc Well” Cave tour on Sunday, Monday im book the ticket back to Sai Gon .

The tour price is 1.3 million , but it is supported by sponsor, HEHE. If you want to go, let comment below for the tour company guide number, with the coupon code discount :)) Go for cost savings, take that money for meals, rest or buy air tickets .

Take a rest with homstay, food in Dong Hoi

As soon as I arrived at the airport, I stopped by Luu An chicken restaurant at the airport gate. I recommend this shop because, delicious, the price is too reasonable, not expensive at all. It  is extremely clean, and has a good Brand food in Dong Hoi

Boiled chicken is chewy, fragrant, and prickly when ordering, so it takes a bit longer. But worth the effort to wait, This meal about 300.000VND (about 15$)  that can eat 4 people always. The owner is very cute and enthusiastic, so I wrote an article to thank you, as well as introduce the shop for your reference

I don’t get money to PR, i have eatten a lot. And now prepare for trekking trip.

ăn tối ở đồng hới
@  Chicken boiled satisfy at Luu An restaurant

After the meal, i go back to Sealand Homestay at Bao Ninh to rest, where i stay for the trip to Quang Binh before

And i really really want to recommend for you this homestay. Beacause the best place reasonable price, The owner is lovely, enthusiastic, well-groomed, and reputable in Quang Binh, and has motorbikes for rent.

homestay đồng hới
@ staying at Sealand homestay

Trekking tour ” Vooc well ” cave

Good morning weekend!

Today is sunday, wake up early to smell the sea hahaha, oh no im kidding, wake up and have breakfast near homestay. One of the most dishes should try when you come Quang Binh is ” Chao Canh”, it’s like a gruel, eat full ang begin to discover “Vooc Well” Cave. My breakfast lost 15.000 VND  (

trekking hang giếng voọc
Morning with the rice gruel
Chuẩn bị nhận dụng cụ để trekking giếng voọc
Prepare the treking device

Vehicles visit tour office headquarters, to do the procedures instructions. Distribute insurance, shoes, and gloves before the trip

Through the Spring Water Spring a paragraph is coming. Stop to prepare, catch all kinds of things and then start exploring. The challenge really began, the path was narrow, there was a rather steep and rocky section, but it was generally quite flat. Not difficult to walk

Cross the stream for a while, prepare backpack, take a picture.. and begin to discover. The frist challenge with a narrow road,slope. Remember to careful

From the main road to the mouth cave abot 5k. We stop to rest, eat some bread and recharge power and go on the discover. It’s take 2 hours to go to the cave

Cả nhóm chụp hình check in trước khi bắt đầu trekking

@ All team with the frist picture before trekking

View đẹp lúc trekking
Nice view on the way
tour hang giếng vooc
Nghỉ giữa chặng, ngồi chém gió các kiểu
Stop to chatting
Những bậc thang gỗ được dựng tạm bợ hang giếng voọc
Nghỉ dưỡng sức ngay cửa hang
Break time at the mouth of the cave
trekking hang giếng voọc

To contemplate the Cave

The way to go the Cave is quite dangerous, many cliff make me scare, the rocks are too, but you never dissapointed when you pass into the cave. OMG so beautiful, pristine what the creator endowed.

Each other has prepared a torch to click on the hat by the tour guide. The cave almost dark so you must have use the torch to see the way.

Different from “Phong Nha” Cave and Heaven Cave, so i think who want to discover, explore adventure. Let’s try i square you never disapoited

“Well Vooc” Cave is short but has a unique and beautiful stalactite formation. Including stalactites, stalagmites, stone screens, stalactites, stone columns created by gravity

The rock formations of stone slabs, stone sticks, stone flower, white cheese form created by the crystal structure; tectonic formations at the edge of the rock, orcas is formed by water.

Thệ thống thạch nhũ bên trong hang giếng voọc
@ stalactite system in the cave
Thệ thống thạch nhũ bên trong hang giếng voọc
Thệ thống thạch nhũ bên trong hang giếng voọc còn rất hoang sơ
Everything is still pristine has not been tourism discover
Thệ thống thạch nhũ bên trong hang giếng voọc Thệ thống thạch nhũ bên trong hang giếng voọc tour hang giếng voọc tour hang giếng voọc tour hang giếng voọc

The most prominent feature in the cave is the 3 stalactites forming stalactites on the ceiling. Stone screens (stone blinds), cascade strips develop on the sides of the cave.

In the dark cave, but also animals live. There are geckos,, soft-bodied animals, countless cows crawling in the mud. I must say I am quite surprised with everything in the “Vooc Well” Cave.

Bathe In The Cave

This is the most expected part of this trip. Although the way to climb down the steam is quite dangerous

River sections in the well are short and they dont follow each others, you must swim a paragraph and go ashore. Be careful, because here have many stones will make you hurt.

The water of the stream so cool

mạch nước ngầm bên trong hang
mạch nước ngầm bên trong hang
@ lặn qua các đoạn rạch nước trong hang
khám phá hang giếng voọc tắm suối ở hang giếng voọc check in hang giếng voọc Hang gieng vooc

the end of the cave, the tour guide turns off all flashlights on the hats. Soak in the water relax for 15 minutes, everything is quiet, enjoy its.

Afterwards, the whole team went back to the meeting point to have lunch. The langur langur tour is included

ăn trưa ở phong nha
@Lunch time

The way to begin it’s a long way,  and when back the outside the cave is very short:)))  hahaha by the way i feel so lucky otherwise you’ll have to walk a long way. The tent is ready and has food prepared from the tour company, just changing the clothes and eating.
According to the assessment of delicious food: Rice ball, barbecue, rice paper, beer, soft drink, fruit … After finishing, rest a little, then go back to the main road, and bonus some points for visitting is a  Wind cave, Mooc spring

hang gió suối nước mooc

Feeling about the Trip

“WEll Vooc” Cave is quite small,but it’s very pristine,  suitable for exploring. However, I would like to remind you that the trekking route of the cave discovery so dangerous, not for the weak.

Although there are two guide. if have any  accident in process discover, it will be difficult to handle and then we are really careful. The road is difficult to walk in the cave, that is my feeling and the tour has plans to handle how I do not find it popular for guests.

Because I was one of the first guests. Everything will be completed by tour company. But overall it is okay

At the end of the tour, you will get 2 additional destinate. Temporarily ok, but not really attractive. Exclusive tour, so everything is more orderly for guests to experience better.

About eatting, experience, everything is ok. Suitable for day trips to explore

Hopefully some of the above information will help you have an interesting exploration schedule in Quang Binh

Don’t forget to like and share boss, please hahah

Oh forget, there is a house near the homestay that sells dried fish as a gift. If you want to buy, ask the homestay hostess

Article writing: Trung Nguyen

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