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homestay cu lao cham

The best Homestay Cham Island

Hoi An is not only famous for its unique rows of ancient houses wearing yellow suits. Which comes here also an extremely attractive place …

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Best Cafes in Hoi An

List the beautiful coffee shop in Hoi An, will be an ideal stop for you when traveling here. One of the attractions to tourists …

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A former port city of Vietnam, Hoi An is well-known globally for housing Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with yellow houses. Lose yourself on winding streets filled with lanterns and traditional houses decorated with wooden carvings of traditional motifs, or spend half a day exploring the Murals of Tam Thanh Village and visiting the iconic Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue.

The best way to explore the villages of Hoi An is by riding a bicycle. Cars are not allowed, so cycling is the way to go. Don’t forget to have a taste of local street food such as Pho and Vietnamese spring rolls!