Locations for rent a motorbike in Dong Hoi Quang Binh good price from 120K

Where can rent a motorbike reputation in Quang Binh??? The article I will summarize some of the places has a service for rent motorbike the best and have a good price here. The price for rent in Dong Hoi Quang Binh just from 120.000 đ ( about 5$/day) for you to go to one’s heart’s content.

Besides you can rent a motorbike, there are have a service advisory where should you go, where can you eat, really convenient and helpful for your trip. If you lazy search an information you have them guide visiting Quang Binh

thuê xe máy tại đồng hới

Where can you rent a Motorbike when travel to Quang Binh???

Travel to Quang Binh, you will discover beautiful places like Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Thien Duong Cave, Nhat Le Beach, spiritual relics like Tam Co Cave …

You should rent a motorbike to conveniently travel to explore the wonderful places of Quang Binh. This article will help you find a prestigious motorbike rental in Quang Binh to have a full trip.

Price for rent motorbike in Dong Hoi city:

Loại xe Giá thuê (vnđ/ngày)
Yamaha Serius 120.000đ – 150.000đ/day
Honda Wave 120.000đ – 150.000đ/day
Honda Lead 150.000đ – 200.000đ/day
Air Blade 2018 150.000đ – 200.000đ/day
Xe Cào Cào (Honda Xr150) 450.000đ/day
Honda Winner 150.000đ/day

1. Mrs. Thu- provide service for rent motorbike 

Mrs. Thu has provide motorbike for your trip to become happily hahaha. She will give a motorbike for you at Dong Hoi airport ( really lovely girl), she has available transit car-free.

Besides, Mrs. Thu have homestay ( she not only kind but also enthusiastic) 

Price for rent: From 120K/day ( about 5$), but mostly new cars

Address: Alley 105 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Phone: 0915 960 481 (Click the number to call)

UPDATE 6/2018. Have a locusts bike  (honda xr150) for rent.

Commitment: a quality new car, love the job 200%. Delivery car, serving the new situation.

Phone: 0898 .73. 0000 (A. Lam) Click on the phone number to make a call. Best car rental in Dong Hoi city at the present time

Address: 60 Nguyen Du, Dong My, Dong Hoi.

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cho thuê xe cào cào ở đồng hới
@ locusts bike
cho thue xe may o dong hoi

Remember to visit Sealand Homestay: Feel about Sealand Homestay, a great place of stay

2. Mr. Tung specializes in motorbike rental in Quang Binh

Contact : 0978 211 325

Address: 44 royal wonder (close to the train station) is quite cute and enthusiastic.

There are many new cars here. I also like this car rental here.

thuê xe máy đồng hới

Rent a motorbike on Truong Phap Street – Dong Hoi City

Phone: 0978 211 325

Address: 07 Truong Phap – Dong Hoi (Anh Tung)

thuê xe máy tại đường trương pháp đồng hới

3.Motorbike Rental Service in Phong Nha – Quang Binh

Motorbike rental locations in Phong Nha abound. Most of the shops are right on the way to Phong Nha Marina, or friends. So you do not need to worry about renting a motorbike.

If you want to book a car in advance, you can contact:

  • Eagle Tourist (Eagle Tourist): 0905.066.818,

The price is only 80,000-100,000 VND / day, full type of cars for you to rent. However, check the car very carefully, avoid money loss disability, ruining your travel.

The procedure for renting a motorbike in Phong Nha is also extremely simple: Need an ID card or a driving license

Cho thuê xe máy ở quảng bình

4.Rent a motorbike at Dong Hoi Airport

KHANH TOAN car rental service: Motorbike rental services at the airport (motorbike rental services)

Contact: 0947764000 – Motorbike rental:

LEAD HONDA – 180k – 200k / DAY – Yamaha Nouvo – 180k – 200k / DAY

Honda Airblade – 200k 250k / Day

WAVE RSX 150,000 VND / DAY

PRICE 150,000 VND / DAY

thuê xe máy ngay tại sân bay đồng hới

5. Rental motorbikes, cars Quang Binh

Quang Binh motorbike for rent is cheap 120,000 VND 1 car, ensure a good car, no damage in the middle of the road. Home delivery.

Attentive enthusiastic service (24/24) – The car is always new, clean, and beautiful – Ensuring the cheapest price Dong Hoi.

Free helmets, detailed maps, directions and notes of beautiful places on the map.

In addition, Quang Binh motorbike rental also has car rental service (04-16 seats) self-driving or having a driver.

To rent a Quang Binh motorbike, you can contact us right away

Phone number: 0931 390 038 (Thuy)

Address: 51 Nguyen Huu Canh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Within 10 minutes, the car will be delivered to your current location.


6. Rent a motorbike on Truong Phap Street

The number of cars is more than 50, the rent is from 150k / day. Many models such as: Jupiter, Jupiter gravita, Sirius, Wave S, Wave RSX, Wave RS, Taurus

There is free delivery of cars with a radius of 5km, and locations in the city such as airports, railway stations, bus stations …

Address: 189A Truong Phap – Đong Hoi – Quang Binh

Contact: 0911 079 136 ( SONG) – 094 777 4918 ( LỘC)

thuê xe máy ở đường trương pháp tp Đồng Hới

7. Specializing in motorbike rental in Dong Hoi

Quang Binh 150k/day.

They give a motorbike to your location. Address 377 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Contact: 089 861 3889

cho thue xe quang binh

8. Other motorbike rental locations in Quang Binh

The cost of renting a motorbike to visit in Quang Binh is about 150,000 VND / day, quality cars (not Chinese cars), you are free of charge for consulting houses, hotels, dining places … Bicycle rental around the city.

Experience when renting a motorbike in Quang Binh or anywhere. Should check the car carefully before renting, if the car breaks down along the road, which party is responsible. Should not repair the car without consulting the rental service.

Contact the following rental services:


Including vehicles from 2015 and above. Depending on the needs and preferences for you to choose

Their delivery vehicles take place, with hats, raincoats … The rental price from 150K / day

Address: 15 Vo Thi Sau – Dong Hoi.

Phone: 0905485558 – 0968.608.608

Mr Tâm

Nam Lý , Đồng Hới , Quảng Bình. Contact: 0129.457.6067

Cho thuê xe máy ở quảng bình

Eagle tourism service (Eagle Tourist)

39 Truong Phap – Dong Hoi City – Telephone: 052,626.86.86 – Hotline: 0905,066,818 (Mr. Hien)

Linh Hung Tourism Service

509 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi City.

Contact: Ms Hien 0911 373 848/0979 476 413, Mr Hoang: 0917 883 345


If you want to go to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, one more advice is that you should not go by motorbike because of the distance, danger and more importantly, not going to visit much because most of the time you have focus on running a motorbike and finding a way.

You should rent a car with a drive of 4 or 7 seats will save time and can visit 2 caves (Phong Nha cave, Thien Duong cave) always in 1 day.

The price of a 4-seater car rental is about 900k and a 7-seater is about 1,200k, you can contact 0978 211 325 to book a car and driver to schedule a car to pick you up at the hotel or at the meeting place anywhere in Dong Hoi.

Some hotel can you refer in Quang Binh

Tham khảo một số khách sạn tại quảng bình



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Link: https://agoda.com

Hopefully some shared information about the location of renting a motorbike in Quang Binh will help you choose a suitable car rental place. Wish you have a fun trip!

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