Da Lat During Flower Season

If you are interested in a peaceful respite from the city, drinking a cup of tea while reading a good book in a lovely garden or enjoying a walk on beautiful and (sometimes) bustling slopes, petals falling in the wind, consider a visit to Da Lat city.

Look across Da Lat during flower season and you will see the green of the pine forest on the mountain and the colorful colors of thousands of types of flowers that blossom all year round. If you are interested in a peaceful respite from the city, drinking a cup of tea while reading a good book in a lovely garden or enjoying a walk on beautiful and (sometimes) bustling slopes, petals falling in the wind, consider a visit to Da Lat city. In this article, I will point out a few good locations to enjoy the flowers, where you can get beautiful photos for your travel Instagram and freely enjoy the landscape.

Da Lat Market

Da Lat is the city of love, nostalgia, and the source of many romantic love songs. Time seems to move slowly in Da Lat; the locals are never in a rush, they would rather slow down to enjoy life. Da Lat has a climate best suited for planting temperate flowers and vegetables. That is why you can expect to see flowers blossoming all year round. From the center garden of Da Lat to the fence in front of your hostel, the flowers bring a lively touch.,

Da Lat – An ideal honeymoon destination

Da Lat is located in Lam Vien plateau in Lam Dong province. It is famous for having a mild and consistent cool temperature. In 1893, Alexandre Yersin discovered this area on his adventure exploring Vietnam. He suggested the French colony at the time to make Da Lat into a resort for army officers. Many of the houses in the area are designed after classic French architecture, which is why Da Lat is also called “the little Paris.

Dalat at night
Characterized by a temperate climate, Da Lat is famous for having a mild and consistent cool temperature

Because of the romantic atmosphere and landscapes, many Vietnamese couples choose Da Lat as an ideal honeymoon destination as well as a unique place for wedding photography.

Da Lat and the Season of Flowers  

Instead of concerning yourself with which time of year to visit Da Lat, think like a local and ask yourself which flowers you most want to see. Da Lat has a great climate in which to grow many different kinds of flowers. From lavender to the light pink of the buckwheat flower, Da Lat has a season for it all. It is not an exaggeration to say that flowers are Da Lat’s specialty.

Cherry – Mai anh dao

Cherry, or Mai Anh Dao, is the symbol of Da Lat city. This flower loves the cool weather so it can only be found in places that have mild temperatures. Some sources claim that the cherry flower was imported from Japan back in the 1960s. Others say that this flower was found in a forest in Da Lat and planted in the area around Xuan Huong lake. The cherry flower blooms in the Spring season, from January to February. Many people from neighboring cities and provinces travel to Da Lat just to enjoy the flowers. Girls don the most adorable dresses and walk in the middle of the street, rows of cherries blooming on either side, the pink petals falling to the ground after the slightest of winds.

Cherry – Mai anh dao

Best time to enjoy cherry: January – March

Where to enjoy cherry

  • In town: You can find cherry trees in the area around Xuan Huong lake or on some streets such as Dong Da, Hung Vuong, Nguyen Du, Quang Trung, and Tran Hung Dao.
  • Suburban area: You can go to the Tuyen Lam Lake or hay Da Quy slope in Xuan Tho, Trai Mat.

Purple Phoenix – Phuong tim

The end of the cherry season is punctuated by a rich purple flush, signaling the beginning of the purple Phoenix blooming season. This flower was brought to Vietnam from France and Australia during the 1960s and 1990s. Purple Phoenix usually blossoms in a bunch, which can turn a corner of Da Lat into what feels like a dream. You might stumble across a patch of these flowers while wandering the streets of the city. Artists flock to Da Lat as if they have a crush on the landscape and many poets have stopped to write a thought in their weathered notebooks to attempt to capture the particular shade of violet of the purple Phoenix.

Purple Phoenix – Phuong tim

Best time to enjoy purple phoenix: March – April

Where to enjoy purple phoenix

  • Lycée Yersin college (Cao Dang Su Pham Da Lat)
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street
  • Rocky slope (Doc Da) on Phu Dong Thien Vuong
  • Bui Thi Xuan Street
  • Hai Ba Trung Street.

Buckwheat Flowers – Tam giac mach

Southern Vietnamese do not have to travel the long distance to Ha Giang in order to be consumed by the beauty of the buckwheat flower as they can find buckwheat in Da Lat. Master Van Tri, the owner of Van Duc pagoda, brought the buckwheat seeds from Ha Giang to plant in the field facing the pagoda. The small star-shaped white and pink flowers bloom in August.  When seen from afar, the flowers look like a soft cloud against the grandeur of the Da Lat hills.

Buckwheat Flowers – Tam giac mach

When to enjoy buckwheat flowers: August – September

Where to enjoy buckwheat flowers

  • Van Duc Pagoda
    On the foot of Ta Nung Pass, lies the Van Duc Pagoda. It is approximately 17 km from the city center. Depart from Da Lat and drive the route to Cam Ly waterfalls. Then follow the DT725 route to Ta Nung town to reach the 10-km pass. After you drive down the pass, you will see the buckwheat flower field on the right.
  • Dalatmilk Company
    Address: Tu Tra, Don Duong district, Lam Dong Province. (30 km from the city center)
    Business hours: 8 AM – 4 PM
    Entrance ticket: Free
    – Due to security reasons, they require you to show your passport or identity card before entering.
    – You must pay for parking so it’s a good idea to bring small bills.
  • Cau Dat tea hill
    Address: Xuan Truong, Da Lat, Lam Dong
    Business hours: All day
    Entrance ticket: Free

Lavender – Oai huong

Lavender is loved by many not only because of its lovely pastel purple but also because of its relaxing scent. This member of the mint family can be found in many European and Mediterranean countries but nothing compares to the brilliance of lavender against the Da Lat landscape. Lavender could not be found in Vietnam for many years because it flourishes in a temperate climate.

Wander around in the romantic Da Lat

In April of 2015, after many experiments, lavender was successfully grown in a garden in Da Lat. Nowadays, you can find it in many public places. Lavender has flowers all year round, however, the best time to enjoy it is from June to July.

Best time to enjoy lavender: June

Where to enjoy lavender

Many places have started to grow lavender. Here are 3 venues which have the prettiest lavender fields:

Van Thanh Flower Village

  • This was the first place to grow lavender in Da Lat and also the most attractive spot to gaze at lavender in the plateau.
  • More information 
  • Address: 43 Vạn Hạnh, Phường 8, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng
    Opening hours:
    – Monday – Friday: after 4:30 PM
    – Saturday – Sunday: All day
    Entrance ticket: Free
  • Note: You can buy cute pots of flowers as souvenirs at reasonable prices here.

Tuyen Lam Lake

  • Tuyen Lam lake is famous for its beautiful scenery, its shores surrounded by extensive pine forest. The landscape is even more wonderful when paired with lavender. To get there, you can follow Trieu Viet Vuong route, turn right at the “Clay Sculpture Tunnel” (or duong ham dat set) signboard. Then go straight until you see the board that reads “Lavender Dalat,” which signifies the entrance.
  • More information
    Address: Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 4, Da Lat city
    Opening hours: All day
    Entrance fee: Free
  • Note:
    – Please say hi to the owners of the garden living nearby and ask for their permission to enter the garden.
    – Be respectful and do not step on the bushes or pick flowers in order to maintain its beauty.

The Valley of Love

  • Lavender has been grown on Vong Canh hill since June 2016. A path cuts its way through the middle of the garden which promises beautiful photos. You will have to pay an entrance fee to see the garden.
  • More information
    Address: 7 Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat city
    Opening hours: 8 AM – 9 PM
    Entrance fee: Children 50.000 VND, Adult 100.000 VND

White mustard flower – Hoa cai trang

Many Da Lat locals grow white mustard flowers to harvest its seeds and essential oils in Tu Tra, Don Duong. The rustic white mustard flowers are small, cute and usually bloom in bunches in October, adding a pure white to endless fields of flowers. As the weather begins to cool in October, these lovely flowers take over hillsides overlooking the wonderful views of Da Lat.

White mustard flower – Hoa cai trang

Best time to enjoy white mustard flower: October  

Where to enjoy white mustard flower

From the city center, take the route to Ta Nung Pass. After conquering it, you will see the Cafe Chon Me Linh café shop on your right. The field is on the opposite side of the café.

More information

  • When: October
  • Address: On the foot of Ta Nung Pass
  • Opening hours: All day
  • Entrance fee: Free

Wild sunflower – Hoa da quy

Da quy, or wild sunflower, is the most remarkable flowers to see in Da Lat. When you see wild sunflowers blossoming, it means the dry season has just begun. Travel to Da Lat in October or November and you will see countless wild sunflowers hugging the roadside, speckling small alleys, and waving in front of a classic villa. When Da Lat changes her robes to the vibrant yellow of the wild sunflower, a new joy permeates the landscape, and travelers should not miss it.

Wild sunflower – Hoa da quy

Best time to enjoy wild sunflower: October – December 

Where to enjoy wild sunflower  

As wild sunflower is also a symbol of the “flower kingdom – Da Lat” you can easily spot it in every corner of Da Lat. If you want to see these flowers in full glory, I suggest stopping by the road from Lien Khuong to Da Lat, the road to D’ran town, the route of Trai Mat, Cau Dat, Van Thanh flower village, Elephant waterfall (Thac Voi), and Lang Biang.

SunflowerHoa huong duong

The golden sunflower blooms in November and you won’t want to miss it. Although sunflower and wild sunflower shares the same name, the appearance of those is 90% different. Mornings in Da Lat are serene and what better way to spend it than watching the sunflower dance. After the sun rises, the sunflowers turn their faces from east to west to welcome the dawn. And at night, they rearrange themselves by twisting 180 degrees back to the west. Welcome and bid farewell to the sun as the sunflowers do.

Sunflower – Hoa huong duong

Best time to enjoy sunflower: October – January

Where to enjoy sunflower

Da Lat milk factory has the most popular sunflower field. This is also a free-entrance location. Before embarking on your sunflower adventure, ask Da Lat locals about the harvesting time of the sunflower. It changes every year and you won’t want to waste your precious moments in Da Lat.

More information

  • Address: Tu Tra, Don Duong district, Lam Dong Province. (30 km from the city center)
  • Business hours: 8 AM – 4 PM
  • Entrance ticket: Free

Hydrangea – Cam Tu Cau

In Vietnam, hydrangea flowers grow in the cold highland areas. Among these areas, Da Lat has the largest amount of hydrangea. Hydrangea is a special flower due to its changeable color. Its color depends on the pH of the soil and its cultivation. At first, the hydrangea is white, then it can gradually turn to blue, pink, or purple. In Da Lat, the popular color is blue. Imagine a blue sky above you and a blue sea of flowers at your feet. Only in Da Lat will you find such a scene. Luckily, Da Lat has many beautiful gardens just like this. Even just stepping foot in the city center, you can easily find brilliant hydrangeas along the street.

hydrangeas farm da lat

Best time to enjoy hydrangea: All year

Where to enjoy hydrangea:

Trai Mat Hydrangea Garden

  • Address: Group 1, Loc Quy village, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat city
  • Business hours: 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Entrance ticket: 15,000 VND
  • Directions: Follow National Highway 20 toward Trai Mat. After passing Trai Mat for about 500 meters, you will see the instruction board on the left. Turn left and arrive at the garden.

Clay Tunnel

  • Address: Ward 4, Da Lat city
  • Business hours: 7:30 AM – 5 PM
  • Entrance ticket: 60,000 VND for adult and 30,000 VND for children

Hydrangea Garden in Lac Duong District

Directions: Follow National Highway 20, head to Tran Quy Cap street, and look for Phan Chu Trinh street. Ride towards Than Tho Lake, you will see the provincial road 723. Here you will admire the vast hydrangea garden with more than two hectares next to the beautiful pine forest.


  • Accommodation: I recommended booking hotel rooms in advance if you want to see the cherry blossoms in Da Lat. Cherry blossom season is the peak season in Da Lat and rooms are booked quickly; it will be pricey for walk-in guests. The average room price in Da Lat fluctuates from 200,000 VND – 350,000 VND/per double room (9 USD – 15 USD) or from 80,000 VND – 100,000 VND/per bed in a hostel (3.5 USD – 5 USD).
  • Transportation: Taxis are a very cheap and convenient way to get around in Da Lat. You should also consider renting a motorbike because many roads are more enjoyable with your face in the wind. The average amount of money you will have to pay for a single day motorbike rental is around 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND (5 USD – 7 USD).
  • Photography: the best time for taking good photos is from 6 AM – 9 PM and from 3:30 PM – 5 PM, when the sunlight is not too strong.
  • Behavior: Be respectful of your surroundings and do not pick the flowers despite their beauty. All travelers should have the opportunity to enjoy the flowers of Da Lat.
  • Clothing: Da Lat is warm during the day (24-25°C on average) but the temperature will drop when the sun goes down and when it rains. Be prepared with a jacket.
  • Food: Da Lat is known for its excellent food. You should take advantage of the new flavors by eating as many meals as you can. Some must-try dishes are the Nem Nuong Hung Van (BBQ pork roll) on Bui Thi Xuan street, mixed salad on the opposite of 5A, Bui Thi Xuan street, Vietnamese pizza, and strawberry (dau lac) in the Da Lat night market.

Da Lat Flower Festival

Da Lat Flower Festival is usually held in late December to early January and it lasts around five days. The festival occurs every two years to honor the value of flowers and floriculture, and the image of Da Lat – a dreamy, romantic and poetic city. The next festival will be held in the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021. If you want to visit Da Lat during the festival, make sure to book your room and other services in advance because many tourists will come to Da Lat at this time.

Da Lat Flower Festival

You might be wondering what is so special about this festival. The Flower Festival curates many beautiful flower spaces with many types of flowers, some that you will have never seen before. Numerous exhibitions about flowers, bonsai, and locally grown vegetables showcase what this special land has to offer. Not only are exhibitions on display, but you should partake in a few activities as well! There are wine, tea, and coffee stands, photography galleries, an ao dai fashion show, a concert, a flower arrangement contest, a flower bike parade, and even more. Put the Da Lat Flower Festival 2021 on your schedule and make plans to visit as soon as possible.

I hope this article addresses your questions regarding when to visit Da Lat. If you’re looking for a thorough guide to the city, click here. You will have a wonderful time in the most romantic city of Vietnam! Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram via hashtag #christinasvietnam. Enjoy!

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