The Best Cafés in Phu Nhuan – to Work and Relax

You have probably not heard of Phu Nhuan if you are new to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. However, among locals, it is quickly gaining popularity with young professionals in the city. It is densely populated with people but also secret cafés.

Lesser known among tourists, Phu Nhuan is a must if you are into quirky cafés and stylish eateries. Whether you’re looking for a spot that reflects a specific time period, a region of Vietnam, or even a special art form, chances are Phu Nhuan will have a café dedicated to this theme. What’s best is that all these places have free wi-fi and are open from early till late, so you can easily spend a day there killing your to-do list, sipping amazing coffee, and making new friends. Where are the best cafés in Phu Nhuan? Read on to find out!

Café Mien Dong Thao

So huge that it’s impossible to miss, Café Mien Dong Thao is a great place to set up your remote office for a day. Spread out over several floors, it gets busy but never too full and offers plenty of space for you to focus on your work.

mien dong thao coffee

Their coffee is known to be strong and their food is delicious. Menu items include Vietnamese specialties and some Western favorites. For a treat, try their sweet milk tea. It’ll serve both as an energy boost and a dessert.


Tosee Coffee – Phu Nhuan Coffee Shop

Tosee Coffee is a Phu Nhuan coffee shop for those who are passionate about virtual living. Impressive space for regular customers even though it is located in a small alley. This Korean cafe is dominated by white, extremely modern. Besides the spacious space, the restaurant also has a very diverse menu from only 39,000 VND, you can enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant.

Tosee Coffee

The Tosee train has not yet stopped at the Garden of Dreams. Welcome to your next stop in the traditional style of the Land of Kimchi!


Unique Café – Phu Nhuan

Unique owns a quiet space with moody chill music. You will have your own world in any corner of the bar, under the green canopy or a minimalist table full of sockets for you to work, read an unfinished book.

If you want to give your brain a break every once in a while and watch Vietnam’s interesting street life, this spot is the best. On the menu, you’ll find a selection of desserts which are all quite delicious.

Unique Café

At Unique, the owner choose Fine Robusta for traditional coffee lines, making the enjoyment experience more interesting and full. But still retains its own character due to the mild sour character at Light roast and the aroma of ripe fruit from coffee from Di Linh growing area.


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MONO Square – Korean style

Stepping into a new age of modern living style, a coffee shop with unique design is the top searching list of the generation Z, understanding their hobby and need. Located in the heart of the Ho Chi Minh city’s central area by our founders from S-Korea

MONO Square - Korean style

Only with the inspired and unique design of the space but Mono Square also is considered as the gateway in order to create the multicultural complex building experience to our customers. Especially to the young, energetic, creative groups of contents creators.


Maison de Boony

Hidden away in a little side street, the Maison de Boony is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. While the entrance is low-key, this is one of the best working cafés in Phu Nhuan District. Pay this place a visit if you need a space where you can concentrate on your work, get solid wi-fim and have a good coffee at the same time.

Maison de Boony

Since the seats are soft and the music is pleasant (something you definitely can’t say of all cafés), you’ll be able to spend a productive day here all while staying comfortable. Looking for a place to have that well-earned after-work drink? Then just stay put and order a glass of wine from their extensive menu or try one of their signature cocktails.


The Comma Coffee

If you’re planning to do a little work and maybe kick back with your favorite book after you’ve finished your to-do list, the The Comma Coffee is a good place to check out. With The Comma, a good cup of coffee is when it is made from a heart that is enthusiastic about what you do, a discipline, and strict with yourself so as not to fall into the trap of superficiality.

The Comma Coffee

After hours, this café becomes busy with a fun crowd of young professionals gathering for an after-work chat and a quick coffee or beer. Join their friendly discussions and in a heartbeat, you’ll have plenty of new friends to hang out with while you’re staying in Vietnam.

10% OFF when bring your own cup/tumbler


Gia Room

Gia is nestled gracefully in a beautiful alley, easily recognizable by the lapis lazuli roof with a bit of a distinct traditional culture.

For a slightly different experience, spend a day working at Gia Room 가족룸. Its clean Korean aesthetic makes it the perfect place to focus on work because you won’t be distracted by a lot of funky design. The cool thing is, that the café spreads out over five floors, each home to a slightly different style and color palate. While some are quite minimalist and almost bare, others are decorated with photos of K-Pop idols. Pick the one that best suits you and get to work!

Gia Room

With a quiet minimalist space, you will feel relaxed and enjoy the warmth with relatives and friends.

Need a little break to satisfy your sweet tooth? True to its Korean theme, Gia Room 가족룸 serves some delicious desserts including fluffy waffles with your choice of topping. If you’re looking for something savory, they’ve got you covered too. Their creative toast recipes are yummy and fairly priced.


Thuc Coffee

For a solid day of work, head over to Thuc Coffee. Their spacious tables are perfect to set up a workspace and their chairs are comfortable enough to stay put for several hours. Thanks to its large windows and open floor plan, the whole place is flooded with natural light.

Thuc Coffee

This helps you stay sharp and focused even without getting a coffee every hour. To keep energy levels high, step up to their dessert counter and pick a treat or two, or order from their menu of savory dishes if you’re sticking around for lunch and dinner.


Too many great cafés to choose from? You can always try them all, one by one! We’d be curious to find out which ones you liked best or if there are some you love but didn’t find on this list.

Especially since Phu Nhuan District is known for its many cool indie cafés, there are always more to discover. So, next time, whether you have work to do or simply want to get to know Ho Chi Minh City’s cool café scene a bit better, head out to this district and just start walking. You’ll quickly find inviting coffee shops for your next pit stop. If you want to know more nice coffee shops in other districts, keep reading the articles below:

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